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Online helicopter simulators – secrets of popularity

What kind of work can be compared with the profession of helicopter pilot in the wealth of impressions, joy from a well-executed task, opportunities for self-discovery and self-improvement? We find it difficult to answer and helicopter pilots will tell you unequivocally that such work does not exist.

To sit in the cockpit of the helicopter one must undergo long and complicated training. High requirements are set to the health of future pilots and to personal characteristics. Stress tolerance, discipline, and willingness to perform tasks quickly and accurately, perfect health – that’s just the beginning of the list of requirements that apply to helicopter pilot. Pilots are also being trained by private companies. Naturally, the requirements are much smaller but the learning curve is worth a fortune. However, for those who cannot or does not want to seriously connect the life with helicopters, there are other ways to explore the amazing technology like online helicopter games. Why is the huge number of people, regardless of educational and professional flight simulator selected as a hobby?

Online flight simulators are a great opportunity to touch this magical world for millions of internet users. All you need is access to network and the desire to feel the character of each helicopter of XX and XXI centuries. Most flight simulators online games do not require the purchase of special joysticks simulating the control lever.

In fact realistic online helicopter games can plausibly reproduce such important conditions for flight such as:

● weather conditions (fog, bright sunshine, rain);

● real system of damage;

● aerodynamic effects (overload, spin, etc.);

● limited amount of fuel and ammunition;

● realistic flight path of missiles and aerial vehicles.

In practice, to the full extent such features are realized only in the training simulators of helicopters designed to train future pilots.

The main advantage of online flight simulators is the possibility to compete with the same users – experienced and not very experienced. However, they like you choose at their sole discretion different equipment models gaining experience during a mission.

Online flight simulator is not justa simulator which gives you an idea of control of the helicopters but also a fascinating legend. It allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of a particular period. And here you can decide what you are interested in – simulation of the Second World War battles or fantastic stories of the future. In any case, it is an opportunity to see what you read in your favorite books or in real time.

Millions of users are attracted by online games – helicopters transfer you to another world with other laws, friends and greater enemies. Join now!