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Helicopter simulator – closer to sky…

Virtual reality gives us the opportunity to immerge in a completely different world. Will you ever have a chance to pilot a helicopter? Who knows…try to feel like someone you’ve always wanted to be for a while flying up in the sky for another mission performance in an extremely realistic game – yes, it’s possible.

Though, to fly up in the sky to perform a dangerous and exciting mission – here you go!

Helicopter is a unique aircraft. Skilled hands can make it move like perfect combat machine. Helicopters are equipped with various modern weapon systems and are effectively used for freight and passenger transportation.

Helicopter movement is rapid and sometimes unpredictable: you can hover for a long period of time and then lock on the enemy and shut him down.

Flight simulator. What is it? Originally these systems were designed for civilian and military pilot training. And nowadays flight simulators are widely used for pilot training. These are electro-mechanical devices that duplicate real cockpits and exactly reproduce flight conditions. Supplied with sophisticated computer programs, they give the possibility to bring to perfection the pilot’s skills until your actions become automatic.

Helicopter simulator games, actually lots of them, appeared later. There’s a great diversity of helicopter simulation games: some of them are quite simple, almost cartoon animation programs, others are complex computer systems which require special joysticks to imitate real helicopter controls.