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Download helicopter simulator – how do helicopters change?

More than 100 years from the time when the first prototype of the modern helicopter of professor Richet and Breguet brothers took off. Very soon the first full flight of Cornu helicopter was performed. Today to sit at the controls of helicopters of different generations it is enough just to download a flight simulator game. Helicopter simulator game can be downloaded for free as well as played on the local computer and through internet. And this game is a convenient way to follow the evolution of military and civil helicopters.

So what are the trends that characterize the new generation of helicopters?

● Increase of the efficiency of task execution – military or civilian. Helicopters of new generations are much stronger and sturdier due to installing of CM. You should download the helicopter simulator and see how different the behavior of a new generation of helicopters in the air is.

● Increasing of the flight speed due to reduction of frontal resistance and the development of high performance propellers which are capable of using high power.

● Reduced fuel consumption due to invention of new engines.

● Installation of electronic control systems for helicopters which significantly reduces the pilot workload.

Of course it is almost impossible to know what current models are developing in different countries because the information is classified. But the overall direction of the helicopter engineering becomes public.

Since the US Army announced that after 20 years it will use conceptually new models of helicopters. It is possible to see what kinds of helicopters are used nowadays. Basically they are AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook. But new developments we can only imagine. American engineers stated that the existing models cannot be upgraded to work in new conditions of warfare. Militaries have the following requirements: speed at least 305 km per hour, combat radius of 850 meters, ability to hover in place for at least two hours at an attitude of almost two thousand meters. Apparently, in the near future we should expect to see new designed helicopter concepts.

As for the new generation of Russian helicopters they also can be tried in fact if you download a simulator game. Undisputed leaders among the Russian military helicopters are Mi-28 and Ka-52. It is very difficult to compare them with US counterparts; it is often so that in battle the configuration of the machine is not as important as the pilot skills.

To download the helicopter simulator game means to get acquainted with the best engineers of the past century. And then, who knows, maybe an entirely new idea will come to you.