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Tactical Specifications

The mass of the helicopter -750 kg
Take-off weight - 1450 kg,
The payload, 350 kg,
Maximum speed - 240 km / h,
Ceiling - 4500 m,
Range - 600 km,
Crew - 2 people

A light helicopter CH-14 Aguilucho, designed by Argentine Argentine firm Cicare SA commissioned Army Aviation Command Land Forces of Argentina. Previously, the company was engaged only in production Cicare ultralight helicopter aviation. For the first time the company received a military contract to build aircraft simulator SVH-3.

The company "Cicare" presented a draft helicopter CH-14 Aguilucho in 2005, later it was approved by the senior military leadership. In January 2006, construction began on a prototype, and in March 2007 after a series of ground tests were conducted the first flight.

CH-14 Aguilucho considered the first established in Argentina, a light combat helicopter. This double unit is equipped with a mass of 1450 kg turboprop Rolls-Royce 250-S20V (420 hp) and can reach speeds of up to 240 km / h His designs are widely used in composite materials. According to the head of the firm Fernando Kisarov, certification testing of the helicopter due to begin in February 2008 and be completed in 24-36 months. Another three CH-14 will be collected in mid-2008

Based on the CH-14 helicopter is planned to create several versions for different tasks. First of all, it will be a light training helicopter, which due to its efficiency will reduce the cost of pilot training and improve their professional skills with no particularly high costs. It is also planned to create a military modification to perform the tasks of exploration, combat armored easy means of a potential enemy and execute anti-terrorist operations.

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