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K-58 Black Ghost - weapon and history

The newest ``invisible`` Russian helicopter, manufactured using stealth technology. At the same time, the use of composed materials and a concealed weapons mount improves the helicopter`s responsiveness, and the use of an internal mount and shortened external pylons makes it possible to carry on board about two metric tons of weapons, including a guided ground missile system, air-to-ground rocket launcher, and anti-aircraft missile systems.

The helicopter differs from previous models by its higher maximum speed, its precision aiming equipment for its on-board artillery system, and its increased maneuverability and responsiveness. 

Maximum speed is achieved when the external pylons for hung equipment are removed. BR BR Weaponry (6 mounts, 2 of them internal): BR - built-in 30mm 2A42M cannon BR - Vikhr guided anti-tank rocket BR - Igla-V rocket launcher BR - Kh-29T rocket launcher BR - S-8 unguided folding-fin rocket BR BR

General characteristics


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