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The performance characteristics:

The diameter of the main rotor, m 15.70
The diameter of the tail rotor, 3.3 m
Length, m 14.21
Height 4.20 m
Weight, kg
Empty 3630
maximum take-off 6400
Domestic fuel and 1700 liters optional 1100
Engine Type 2 CCD PZL-10V (OEDB Mars HPT-10)
Power, 2 x 662 kW
Maximum speed, km / h 240
Cruising speed, km / h 215
Range, km 1225
Range, 500 km
Rate of climb, m / min 540
Service ceiling, m 5100
Static ceiling, m 3000
Crew 2
Payload: 10 troops or 4 stretchers and one attendant or 2100 kg of cargo in the cab or on the suspension.
Armament: One 23 mm GSh-23L cannon with 250 rounds
The combat load of 4 hardpoints
SD-to-air Strela-2 anti-tank Little,
PU V-8-10-10h80 NUR mm S-80, PU MARS 2 16h55-mm NUR-5, LA-minopostanovschiki August 8 guides (120 min) or Sycamore six rails (36 or 54 mines)

W-3U Salamandra - a multipurpose military helicopter modification of the W-3A Sokol, developed by the Polish company PZL Swidnik. The helicopter can be armed with guided missiles of "air-to-air" ATGM, unguided rockets, bombs and mines. On board installed 23-mm two GSh-23L (the Polish version of Gsz-23k) with 250 rounds ammunition.

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