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Crew: 2
Screw diameter: 8.05 m
Maximum takeoff weight: 3,600 kg
Powerplant: 1 × LHTEC T800-LHT-801 turboshaft, 1000-1340 kW
Maximum speed: 481km \ h
Cruising speed: 460 km \ h

In 2009, Sikorsky Aircraft Company delivered the flight-test center in West Palm Beach (Fla.), an experimental high-speed helicopter X2, has launched a major program of flight tests. Before the helicopter to fly at the plant of the company. The first flight of the helicopter, X2, equipped with a coaxial main rotor blades with a rigid mount and five-bladed pusher propeller, made in August 2008 At the time of delivery in West Palm Beach Helicopter flown 15 hours, performing flights to hover and horizontal flight with a small speed. At the final stage of production tests included pusher. However, the maximum speed not exceeding 100 km / h

It should be noted that attempts to create a high-speed helicopter made earlier, but the increase in flight performance at the same time offset by rising costs and complexity of the design.

Indeed, for all its enormous advantages of modern helicopters are significantly inferior to the aircraft flight speed comparable power, size and capacity. While the aircraft broke the sound barrier for a long time, the rate of production helicopters is less than at most 315-320 km / h The world speed record for helicopters by the rules of the FAI, was established August 11, 1986 in flight over Glastonbury, gr. Somerset, UK. At used for demonstration flights helicopter Westland Linx brand, they showed an average speed of 400.87 km / h

The company Sikorsky offered a different solution to the fall of the lift - the concept of advanced blades, in English it is designated ABC reduction.

Helicopter technology ABC can safely continue acceleration - even after the lifting force on the retreating side disappear in coming it will continue to grow. The concept has already proved its viability in an experimental helicopter Sikorsky S-69. With the help of two jet engines, creating a horizontal rod, the device is clocked to 518 km / h, based on the advancing blade lift coaxial rotor.

When the helicopter blades ending close to the speed of sound, rotational resistance increases sharply. This may be the next speed limit for the helicopter. The speed of rotation of rotor bearing Sikorsky X2 is automatically reduced, since the speed of 390 km / h At maximum speed, which is 474 km / h, deceleration of 20%. The fact that the speed of horizontal flight is not determined by the rotors and the lift force is used as efficiently as possible, allows the rotors to rotate very slowly, and the helicopter - fly very fast.

Management System Sikorsky X2 - electroremote (Fly-by-Wire). None of the government has no mechanical connection to the actuators - the pilot gives the team a computer that controls the servo. Electronic controls allow the system to implement an active vibration reduction, intelligent control of pitch and speed of rotation of the rotors, a unified system of technical inspection of vehicles, a simple transition to autorotation in the event of engine failure. All the screws are driven by a single turboshaft engine LHTEC T800 capacity of over 1000 kW. The general step of regulated electric, built-in sleeve hingeless rotors. By the way, do the screws are made of composite materials and are characterized by an improved ratio of lift to resistance due to the innovative shape and profile. Bush coaxial rotor X2 will be enclosed in an aerodynamic fairing, which significantly reduces the aerodynamic drag of the machine at speeds over 400 km / h

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