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The performance characteristics:

The diameter of the main rotor, m 11.94
The diameter of the tail rotor, m 1.10
Length, m 11.63
Height 3.98 m
Weight, kg
Empty 1975
maximum take-off 3850
Domestic fuel and 1140 liters + optional 180
Engine Type 2 GTE T Zhuzhou (SMPMC) Wozhou-8
Power, 2 x 529 kW
Cruising speed, km / h 293
Range, km 1069
Range, 910 km
Rate of climb, m / min 462
Service ceiling, m 4500
Static ceiling, m 1950
Crew 2
Payload: 10 passengers or 1863 kg of cargo in the cabin or 1600 kg cargo sling

In this series of helicopters in China's hopes lay. The organization of licensed production rather modern French cars allowed China to gain access to European technology 80s. continue to lay the whole family of military and civilian light helicopter Z-9 with a good prospect of mass production. To date, China has produced more than 150 machines of this type. In addition, the technological groundwork for the Z-9 has allowed the development of China's first launch of a specialized attack helicopter Z-10.

At the PLA weapons helicopter Z-9B was adopted in 1994 is probably the most popular helicopter, army aviation PLA. It can perform the task transport 8-10 people with equipment, rescue, communications, control guns. Electronic warfare, etc. The first car arrived in Beijing and Shenyang elite military districts.

For the PLA Navy Aviation issued a modified Z-9C. based on board destroyers and frigates, which is equipped with sonar lowered and a search radar, armed with two torpedoes, or anti-ship missiles with television guidance.

Impact variant of the helicopter, Z-9W, issued in 1998 on-board suspension, he can carry different versions of weapons: 4-8 ATGM by wire driven HJ-8 (HJ-8E) with a range of start-up of 3-4 km, two rifle pendant set with a 12.7-mm machine guns or 23-mm cannon, or two blocks of 57 or NAR-caliber 90 mm, and two missiles ╚ ╩-air short range (6 km) of type TY-90 with thermal homing. In the anti configuration of Z-9W has a gyro stabilized optical sight mounted above the cabin.

Introduced in 2005, a night attack helicopter Z-9WA different, first of all, set at the bottom of the nose of the car, "ball" - gyro-stabilized electro-optical system designed Laoyanskim Center of Optoelectronic Technology (EOTDC). It includes TV and infrared channels, which ensures the use of helicopters during the day and night. Also established a new engine WZ8C («Ariel» 2C) with a capacity 860 hp, the new communications equipment and electronic warfare. Dashboard cabin complemented by two large multifunctional displays in the workplace pilots and one small - in the center.

Other model helicopters:Ka-58, RAH-66 Comanche, UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache, Ka-52 Alligator, PAH-2 Eurocopter, Ka-50 Black Shark, AH-1W Super Cobra, Mi-24 Hint, Mi-8 Hip, AS-332 Super Puma, UH-1 Iroqoies, MD-500