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Pic. 1 PROFILE Menu

Pic. 1 PROFILE Menu

This menu displays information about the selected game character (pilot), its rank, the amount of earned virtual money as well as quantitative evaluation of acquired experience. Gained experience allows the player to select more complicated missions, spend the earned money on more powerful helicopters and their upgrade.

In the third line of the menu two values separated by a slash are situated. The first value – current value of experience, the second one is the amount of experience necessary to obtain the next rank.

To create a new Pilot, click NEW PILOT button, and Pilot Name input box will appear. Enter a name in respective box (see Pic. 2) and click CREATE button. To remove the Pilot, click REMOVE.

Pic. 2 New Pilot Profile creation

Pic. 2 New Pilot Profile creation

In order to select Pilot Profile (if the Pilot is not the only one), click respective Profile. When Profile is selected (or created), click BACK button to go to the Main Menu.

To store your profile on C.H.A.O.S server, click STORE button, to restore it, click RESTORE (see Pic. 1). It helps to store profile data in case of installation of new game version.


Pic. 3 Buy Gold

Pic. 3 Buy Gold

From the menu, BUYING GOLD can buy game gold. Gold is necessary to purchase premium helicopters, 3rd level upgrades and for refueling.


Helicopter control on iPad/ iPhone

To move the helicopter back and forward, tilt the iPad back and forward. To move the helicopter to the right and to the left, tilt the iPad right and left (see Pic.3).

Pic. 4 Motion control.

Pic. 4 Motion control

You can also move the helicopter back and forward, to the right, to the left with the help of on-screen joystick.

Pic. 5 On-screen joystick control.

Pic. 5 On-screen joystick control

Sensor can be calibrated by clicking Calibration button. The current position of the device will be taken as “zero”.

Pic. 6 calibrated button.

Pic. 6 Calibrated button

Helicopter control on PC

Standard control

Pic. 5 Standar control

Pic. 7 Standard control PC