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Pirates.Wind of chaos


Friends, attention please, mobile game "Pirates.Wind of chaos" is live on Kickstarter!
 Your help at any level brings the coolest one step closer to get simply amazing game.

new update on all platform version 6.8.0 ready for BATTLE


Now - all the updates for version 6.8.0 is ready for BATTLE.
CHAOS super
added bonus system, improved new ammo balance, added VIP into game.

new update version 6.6.0 ready for review


Last Friday Dec, 12 - all the updates for version 6.6.0 in stores for the version review. Review teams seems to be overloaded.
CHAOS super
added bonus system, improved new ammo balance, added VIP into game.

New update 6.4.0 ready for YOU!!!


We have no shortage of brave warriors, instead we lacked modern weapons and protective technology. . . until now! Version 6.4.0 New Weapons • Heat strengthened, armor-piercing sniper rounds • Incendiary, explosive and flash bang (stun) rockets • High-explosive missiles with nuclear warheads New protections & power-ups • Power-ups (armor, stealth, afterburner, magnesium flares and more....) • Boost - no need to pick up ammo from the weapon containers. All armaments automatically onboard. • Other surprises... Fixed hacker cheat / game exploit that allowed some players to illegally boost their flying speed.

New version 6.3.5 has been released


Latest great update from CHAOS Combat Copters:
* We’ve launched a new version of Tournaments. After a thorough testing on a big number of participants, the Tournaments will become even more challenging and entertaining
* We’ve designed the first level of our new Anti-Hacking Security System
* We’ve improved the picture details of our helicopters.
* We’ve advanced our ranking and achievement awarding interface Join us in developing the game. Our fan-page - https://www.facebook.com/chaos.game.HD
CHAOS 6.3.5

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