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C.H.A.O.S for Amazon Kindle Fire

20 January 2012

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C.H.A.O.S is now available for Amazon Kindle Fire on 

Product Features

·        Join air combat with a realistic helicopter simulator

·        Fly highly detailed helicopter models from different manufacturers

·        Go on 8 training missions and fight in real-world battle locations

·        Earn helicopter upgrades

·        Play two multi-player modes: Death Match and Team Play


Product Description

Earn more than just your wings by defending your country in fierce air combat with a realistic helicopter simulator. Enjoy action-packed gameplay and award-winning sound and visual effects.


A secret organization named C.H.A.O.S has been established by a group of fallen dictators. They have returned with a vengeance and seek world domination. As a brave pilot, you've been hired to prevent them from expanding their influence to other countries. Take this challenge and save the world from terror.


Go on eight training missions in preparation for real air combat frenzy in real-world battle locations. Fly highly detailed helicopter models from different manufacturers from USA, Russia, and Europe. Cruise through the skies in the AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52, Alligator, RAT-66 Comanche, and more.


Accomplish missions, experience intensive air combats, and defeat the enemy to achieve new ranks, make money, gain experience, and upgrade your helicopter.


Choose to save the world from terrorism in two exciting multi-player modes: Death Match or Team Play.