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New CHAOS update version 4.3 is released for Google Play and AppStore!!!

7 March 2012


Gents, allow me introduce new 

CHAOS update version 4.3:

What’s new: 
  • Removed annoying consumable fuel, now you can enjoy flying as much as you wish with no limits; 
  • Added four types of amazing skins for every helicopter which allow you to be specific; 
  • Added boosts system for multiplayer (Experience, Shield, MedKit, Energy , Silver); 
  • Absolutely new training system which allow to start flying from the scratch; 
  • Added new map - Shining Hong Kong; 
  • Per multiple parents requests, new setting - show/hide chat; 
  • Now you can see ratio TOP 100 statistics; 
  • Added new feature - HEAT TRAPS, do not forget please to read how to use them during the fight; 
  • Now environment may impact on your behavior, exploding fuel tank may burst your helicopter; 
  • Automatic aiming, floating cross will show you when you 100% hit your target.