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The birth of the project

19 July 2011

Today the first multi-player helicopter simulator for iOS has entered the market! Presenting CHAOS, available for downloaded in Apple Store! 

What is CHAOS? Two game modes, solitary missions and a dynamic multi-player that works with an internet connection or a local Wi-fi network that will not only allow you to experience the difficulty of completing combat missions, but also to feel the heat of a combat against real players. One of CHAOS’s special qualities is that in the multi-player mode, the combat happens for monetary stakes that are made in the beginning of the round. Therefore, before placing a high stake, you should think twice about whether or not you will be able to beat the seasoned competitors. You can either play in the mode “every man for himself” or in the “team versus team” mode. As you advance, your pilot earns a higher rank, opening up access to new and more powerful helicopters and new missions.

Altogether, in CHAOS you can try out 17 helicopter models, each of which has its own special qualities. You can use the money earned in the game to buy upgrades for your combat machine. For every battle you win, you earn experience points which you need to earn a higher rank and receive medals…. CHAOS offers you all this and much, much more. Try out CHAOS now – it’s completely free!