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"Decipher" contest results (January 31 - February 3, 2014)

4 February 2014

Our dear C.H.A.O.S players!

We are ready to announce the winner of our contest "Decipher" (January 31 - February 3) with the most interesting explanation of our game abbreviation - C.H.A.O.S.!
We really hope that your imagination, the five letters of our game C.H.A.O.S and your interesting explanation of our game abbreviation made us (not only our C.H.A.O.S team, but also all of you - our players) smile!

Here are the most interesting explanations of our C.H.A.O.S game abbreviation:
- Craziest Honestly Awesome(-est) game Of S = So many you could choose from
- Combat helis and other stuff
- Choppers, Helis And Other Stuff
- Cockpit Control / High Level / Aviation / Online / Simulator
- C- chain guns H-hellfire missiles A-assassins O- of the S-skies
- Children Helping Adults Overcome Senility
- Chasing Helicopters Across Open Skies
- Coalitions of Helicopter Addicts Obliviate
- Combating Helicopters Airmen Of Skill

We liked your abbreviations very much and decided that there will be more that one winner!) So the winners are Jake Esquivel (Choppers, Helis And Other Stuff) and Kelly King Rice (Chasing Helicopters Across Open Skies)!!! Congratulations!!!
(Dear winners, we are waiting for your ID and pilot name, in a private message please)

Many thanks to all the participants!
C.H.A.O.S Team

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