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The developers team is happy to announce that the beta-testing phase has been completed!

22 August 2011

The developers are happy to announce that the beta-testing phase has been completed! Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played CHAOS, and especially to those who wrote their reactions and comments on our forum. Many errors have been corrected and a new function has been added in response to the first users’ requests.

Currently two new versions of the game have been prepared and are available at the Apple Store: CHAOS Lite and CHAOS Pro. Here’s what’s new in both versions:

  • Greater application stability when working with previous generation apps
  • The team game mode has been improved
  • The difficulty level in solitary missions has been thoroughly reviewed
  • The error of disappearing sound during the game has been fixed
  • Support of 3GS apps has been added
  • The rank system in the multi-player mode has been improved
  • The game interface has been improved
  • The system of adding experience and money has been changed and improved
  • A game chat has been added
  • Small errors have been fixed

The CHAOS Lite version has been aired for users to become familiar with the game. It has limitations on the maximum rank and the accessible helicopters. You can advance up to the rank of “lieutenant,” which opens up access to four helicopters on the beginner level. CHAOS Lite is available for free (link). CHAOS Pro is the full version of the game with all of the functions accessible (link).

Choose which version is the best for you and join hundreds of pilots who are fighting battles and earing money and experience while you are reading this text! Lift your helicopter into the air and fly off to battle!