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User Agreement

Basic terms and definitions

The owner of the Project "Chaos" - Waiting for the Sky Inteneshenel, legal address: SUCCESS COMM BLDG 6B, 251 HENNESSY ROAD, Hong Kong,

Developer - the person who developed the various components of the Games.

The program - the software components, both individual and in aggregate, placed by the Administration or the developer of the Site, to third party websites on the Internet, DVD disks and other media.

The site - a set of Web resources located in the Internet domain chaos-game.com (chaos-game.net) and third-level subdomains, such as the forum. chaos-game.com, blog. chaos-game.com, and others.

Content - photos, video, audio, visual and text materials posted to the Authority, the developer or other owner in the game.

Materials - photos, audio, video, graphic and text materials posted by users in the game with the permission of their respective owners.

Game - a set of programs, the Site, Content and Materials, representing a set of features, services, and services for personal, noncommercial use by the User.

The project - the essence, which includes Game, Members, Moderators and the Administration.

User - any person having access to the Game or the Site via the Internet, which is not subject to legal restrictions on the use of online gaming services.

Administration - a person authorized by the owner of the Project for the special use of the Project, including management, and acting on behalf of the owner of the Project, unless otherwise indicated.

Moderator - a person authorized by the Administration to monitor the implementation of the Users of this Agreement and other rules of the game and has the authority to use for users actions on behalf of the Administration under this Agreement.

1.2. Game is distributed solely for use by authorized end users according to the terms of this Agreement. Any use, reproduction or redistribution of the Game not expressly authorized by the terms of the Agreement, is strictly prohibited.

1.3. Copyright Holder in this Agreement gives the player and the player that registered on the Web-site Rightholder http://chaos-game.com and log on to the Game, accepting this Agreement, shall be entitled to personal use Game one (1) or more computers that are owned or player under his personal control. If the player does not accept the terms of this Agreement, shall not use the Game. By accepting this Agreement, the Player confirms that a legal capacity and right to enter into this Agreement. If the player is in accordance with the laws of his state prohibited from playing online services or there are other legal restrictions, including restrictions on age for admission to these services, the player may not use the Game or individual services in the Game, and shall immediately discontinue use of the Game or these services in the game.

1.4. The aim of the game is the participation of the player in gameplay, as well as obtaining the complex co-Players of the information and entertainment services to facilitate the development of each player's individual creative abilities and skills to optimally solve divergent problems in the context of games.

1.5. The right holder provides each player, duly registered on the website http:// chaos-game.com, the right to participate in the game without collecting pay for it. However, if you wish to use additional services (services), provided the conditions set out in section 4 of this Agreement, the player will have to pay for the use of such services. His desire to use additional pay services player must confirm an explicit and unambiguous manner provided by HUD Games.

1.6. Game Rules are an integral part of the Agreement, compliance with the rules and the right owner and his representatives, not inconsistent with this Agreement or the Laws of the Game is compulsory for the player.

1.7. The Player agrees to receive news from the site http://chaos-game.com to the email address provided during registration. The right holder ensures that the delivery is for informational purposes.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1. Title and all intellectual property rights of the Game (including but not limited to, the associated media, posted on Web-site Rightholder http://chaos-game.com the following games: code, graphics, photographs, Pictures, animations, sounds, music, videos, audio-visual effects, and other multimedia materials, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogues, memorable phrases, topographic objects, concepts, art objects, characters, used equipment, images of buildings and landscapes, habits, characters, objects, moral rights, as well as all related documentation in electronic and printed form, incorporated into the Game "applications", transcripts of talks in the chat, any user accounts, data profiles of characters, game protocols, network components , server software, games, and other components of the Game) are owned and protected by Rightholder Russian legislation on intellectual property, international treaties and conventions in the field of copyright and neighboring rights and other laws.

The player has no rights with respect to all the above elements of the game and can not use the data elements of the game for any purpose, except when using the Game under the terms of this Agreement.

2.2. This game is protected by copyright law and may not be copied Player or any third party with a purpose. The game is licensed as a single product. Not be separated from Its component parts for separate use on multiple devices

2.3. Copyright Holder explicitly reserves the exclusive right to create derivative products based on the Games. This means that the player or the third parties have no right to create derivative products based on the games except with the prior express written permission.

2.4. All used or mentioned in the Game trademarks and other means of differentiating products or services of their respective owners. All other rights not expressly identified as belonging to third parties are owned copyright holder. This Agreement does not grant any rights to the player with respect to any trademarks and other means of individualization of goods or services used or referred to in the game.

3. The rights, obligations and restrictions (restrictions apply)

3.1. Information about the minimum requirements for hardware and software requirements for using the player, a player previously provided. The player confirms their awareness of such requirements and availability required for the use of games hardware and software. Player agrees and warrants that Player equipment and communication facilities, including Player operator services are adequate and serviceable for the use of the Game.

3.2.Tolko holder has the right to establish and operate a game on their servers. The player has no right to place on their servers, or to provide services matchmaking for the game, and the intercept, emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Doctor in the game, regardless of the method used. Among these prohibited methods include, without limitation protocol emulation, source recovery, modification, Games, adding new components to the Game, use of special tools to use games on their servers. The player is prohibited from providing game in rent, lease, temporary use, and use the Games to provide third parties, and other network services on a commercial basis.

3.3. Player agrees not to modify, independently or with assistance, any files that make up the games, not reverse engineer, decompile, and Game; not create or use by third parties means the playing of fraud, modification, or compromise, intended to change the game, do not use the software ensuring the production of third parties, designed to emulate the actions of the player, as well as interception, analysis or other means of information gathering about the game or the game, do not use the error code to build games, undocumented features, and / or defects in software code to gain access to any any resources or advantage over other players, do not use a communication which is offensive, harmful to minors, indecent or otherwise objectionable expression, do not take any other action which it considers contrary to the legal owner of the conditions Games and warn you of this player.

3.4. The player is notified that the game can provide a variety of audio and / or video effects that, under certain circumstances, can cause those prone to epileptic or other disorders of the nervous nature of these worsening conditions, and the player will ensure that these disorders does not suffer or otherwise, shall not be used Game. The player is notified that a regular long-term (continuous), finding a personal computer can cause a variety of physical complications, including impaired vision, scoliosis, and various forms of neurosis and other negative effects on the body. The player warrants that he will use the game only for a reasonable time, with breaks for rest or other measures for the prevention of physical condition, if any player is recommended or prescribed.

3.5. The right holder may send emails Players information or technical nature related to the Game. Implementation of the right owner, not inconsistent with this Agreement or the Rules of the game is mandatory for the player.

4. Additional services (services) Games

4.1. Any additional (paid) services or facilities in the game are provided by Doctor. Getting the value-added services (services) Games from other third parties may result in denial of service Game Player in whole or in part at the discretion of the holder, as well as the respective responsibilities in accordance with Russian law.

4.2. In the case of intention to use the Player in the Game added services (services), a player agrees to follow all instructions provided with the game in order and payment methods such services and in order to use them.

4.3. The right holder is not responsible for the correctness of the implementation modalities for the payment of Player of the additional services of games, as for being out of control Rightholder. Getting the Player of the Game of additional services may, subject to payment of the Player of such services, and the holder has the right to obtain confirmation of payment of additional services such services are not available, provide a limited or restricted as a player getting more and major service games.

5. Personal Information

5.1. The player agrees that for statistical data collection and identification of Web-site visitors and users http://chaos-game.com Games, holder may monitor and maintain information about IP-addresses to access the Player Web-site http://chaos -game.com and Game, use of technical information files (cookies), placed at their local terminal or visitor Player Web-site http:// chaos-game.com.

5.2. Any information the Player a personal nature, if any, was provided during the registration Rightholder in the Game or in any other way in the interaction of the Parties under this Agreement, shall be deposited from the copyright owner solely for the purpose of execution of the agreement and under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties, except for the necessary performance agreement or in accordance with legislative requirements.

5.3. The player agrees that the right holder may be entitled to request, collect and store, subject to the provisions of the law "On protection of personal data" and other legislative provisions Hong Kong player's personal information, including information on the surname, first name, middle name, gender, age , the address of the registered or actual residence, contact telephone numbers or e-mail addresses or other means of electronic communication, as well as in the case of players with additional (paid) services - information about player payment details, including information about credit or debit card payments and other means of payment.

5.4. The player recognizes the legal owner the right to collect (without notice) specific information about the used computer and its components, including memory, video card, CPU and storage devices, the identification numbers of processors and hard drives, IP-addresses and identification numbers of operational systems to identification of your computer and operating system, as well as taking action against those who violate the terms of this Agreement. This information will be used exclusively for such purposes.

5.5. In some cases, the holder is entitled to transfer data about the player that violates the Agreement or applicable law, the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

6. Responsibility

6.1. The game is available for use on an "as is» («As is»). Holder does not give any express or implied warranties that the process of game development takes into account all deficiencies found and all the bugs and other technical deficiencies. Holder does not warrant uninterrupted or error free games, does not guarantee freedom from the Games of viruses or other harmful components. The right holder shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that these errors were identified and corrected within a reasonable time.

The player who finds a flaw or error to report the presence of its holder, and no use for error not covered by the Agreement and the Rules of Games Games opportunities.

6.2. The game may not be available at any time, and possible long-term interruptions in access to the game. The right holder may close, suspend and / or limit the functionality of the Games or the Web-site http://chaos-game.com at any time without any prior notice to Players.

6.3. To the greatest extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances holder shall not be liable to a Player for any direct and / or consequential damages (both actual damages and lost profits), which may occur to the Player in connection with the Games or inability to use the Games or the provision of or failure to provide support services, as well as in connection with any other provisions of this Agreement, even if the right holder, or any of their partners and contractors have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

These losses, offensive or holder whose existence is not liable to the Player include, but are not limited to listed: losses caused by the loss of confidential or other information that breaks in a commercial or industrial activity, damage to health, a violation of privacy, failure to perform any obligation, including the obligation to act in good faith and with reasonable diligence, the damages caused by negligence, the damages caused by unforeseen circumstances or reasons beyond the control of the right holder, any other damage and other losses of property or otherwise.

Under no circumstances holder, as well as its partners and contractors are not responsible for the actions of third parties, temporary technical failures and interruptions in the games, cause damage to communication lines, and other similar failures, as well as for the operation of the computer from which the player was carried out in the Internet.

6.4. Payment for telephone services, Internet access, equipment, maintenance and repair work necessary to maintain communication with game server and Web-site http:// chaos-game.com, lies entirely on the player.

6.5. The player is fully responsible for all activities that occur under his account that you created during registration, as well as the introduction of any other person using his account, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the rules and their compliance with this person. If there is reasonable suspicion of breach of security, including without limitation, theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of password, the player must immediately notify the Legal owner of the detected or suspected breach of security.

6.6. The player agrees that the responsibility for the content of the communication with other players using the Game or Web-site http://chaos-game.com entirely the responsibility of the player from which the message. At the same time they may contain offensive, harmful to minors, indecent or otherwise objectionable expression. The right holder is not responsible for the content of any user input, use the game or Web-site http:// chaos-game.com.

6.7. The player is solely responsible for any material posted publicly or transmitted privately to them by the technical capabilities of games or Web-site http://chaos-game.com (hereinafter - the "User Content"). The right holder is not responsible for the content of User Content.

6.8. Any material or files that the player loads, or otherwise get through the game or Web-site http:// chaos-game.com, available player at his discretion, and all risks of use and the risks associated with the accuracy of such materials will be at the the player.

6.9. Pravobladatel has the right to remove any User Content that violates the license agreement and it is insulting, but not placed on the obligation to remove such content. Copyright Holder disclaims any liability for the deletion, failure to meet obligations to hold, for delivery to the wrong address or for delayed delivery of any information or materials.

6.10. In case of breach of the Agreement or the Laws of the Game A player may immediately, without any prior notice, denied the services of providing service games or such services or access to the Game and Web-site resources may be limited http://chaos-game.com completely or partially. Obtaining additional (paid) service does not relieve the Games Players of compliance and enforcement with respect to their legal owner of this Agreement and the Laws of the Game, including but not limited to, the possibility of refusal rightholder in the service of providing the service or games these services or access to the game or Web-Resources http://chaos-game.com site may be limited in whole or in part.

Violation of the terms of this Agreement may also result in the respective responsibilities in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. The right holder has the right to use any legal means available to the holder of intellectual property to protect their rights.

7. Final provisions

7.1. The right holder to control the game and gameplay in its sole discretion. In the process of development and improvement of Games to changes and additions of elements and parameters. The right holder has the right without prior notice to deploy or provide patches, updates and modifications to the game in order to enhance the gaming experience by adding new features, introducing new features to the game, improve existing ones in the game options and features, bug fixes, aimed at improving the Games, as well as for other purposes. If necessary or desirable in terms of game quality, as well as the implementation of new services holder may, without any prior notice to make changes or modifications to the access policy of the Game of the opportunity to play, the schedule of access, content, data, software and composition hardware required to access the game.

7.2. The right holder has the right to change the amount and method of charging for the use of additional paid services (services) Games, as well as institute new fees, the full information which is provided in the instructions included with the game or on the Web-site http:// chaos- game.com.

7.3. All claims for rights to the User Content shall be resolved through correspondence and negotiation. In this holder the right to request additional information before removing any material that violates those rights. Holder may provide the alleged violator of your e-mail address to provide to such person an opportunity to respond to your request. The right holder retains the right to remove your content, and content of the alleged perpetrator of such rights, pending resolution of this issue.

7.4. This Agreement may be amended by Doctor without any prior notice. Agreement in its current edition published by Doctor Web-site at http:// chaos-game.com. Player agrees every time before entering the game to check the Terms periodically for changes. In the event that such testing would not be within a specified time or after reviewing the Agreement (the new version of the Agreement) A player continues to use the Game and / or Web-site http:// chaos-game.com, it is believed that the player has read and agrees to the Agreement (new version of the Agreement).

7.5. This Agreement is valid from the date of your acceptance by clicking the icon "Accept License Agreement", located on the site http://chaos-game.com online interface, the player's registration, and until the termination of the Agreement on the initiative of the holder, or on the initiative Player created by the removal of the registration account.

7.6. This License Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the players and owners regarding the game and support services (if any) and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written communications, proposals and representations with respect to the Program and any other provision of this license agreement, but nevertheless this Agreement shall coexist with the rules and does not negate their validity.

7.7. If you change the law governing the relations established by agreement between the rightholder and the players, the Parties undertake to fulfill the undertaken obligations under the agreement as close to the implied parties in the negotiation and / or consistent change in the agreement means, including but not limited to the amount of transferred rights, procedures and methods of obtaining Games of additional services, support conditions Games or termination of the agreement.

7.8. If any provision of this Agreement shall be deemed null and void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

7.9. All arguments of the parties hereunder shall be resolved through correspondence and negotiation, in the event of failure to reach an agreement between the parties through negotiation, the dispute may be referred to any interested party in the court in Hong Kong.

7.10. All interactions within the framework of the Agreement is in Russian.

7.11. If the holder does not otherwise specified, using the Games to any end user applies the law Hong Kong, international treaties and agreements regulating relations in the field of intellectual property.

I certify that I have read (la) and understand (s) of this License Agreement, and agree (in-) so that, carrying out the registration for and use of this site http://chaos-game.com games, so I thus confirm my agreement to comply with the terms of this Agreement.