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Frequently asked questions
  1. How can I change my nick? Nickname can’t be changed once you created it.
  2. How can I move my profile between two or more devices? For now, this manipulation can be done only through support team by mentioning your nickname, device and some approximate information on your profile (i.e. XP level). Soon this feature will be included in new versions of CHAOS.
  3. I receive a message about the lack of memory on my device. What does it mean? I have some free Gb of storage. The message tells about the lack of memory means that the device has not enough operating memory (RAM) available on board. What to do: 1. Check your CHAOS version - HD is for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad only. 2. Close all opened applications 3. Try to reboot your device.
  4. I've bought Gold or Silver Pack than spent it on helicopters or upgrades but due to connection lost my progress. What shall I do? Please, contact our support team mentioning your nickname, approximate level of XP and the number of order of your Gold/Silver Pack. We'll restore it..
  5. What game modes are available in the game? There is only one game mode for now: death match. Death match is simple - fight everyone.
  6. I am playing C.H.A.O.S and cannot get past the level "radar destruction". I shoot down a lot of enemies but nothing ever changes...can someone please tell me how to beat this level? In radar destruction level your goal is to destroy radar building. Enemy helicopters are there only to prevent it. They will be coming endlessly, no matter how many of them you’ll destroy.
  7. I've completed all the easy and normal level + hard mission on "dog fight" in the single player mode. Is there any other way to gain xp, so I can move to the higher rank and buy new chopper?  You can gain XP only to a certain level in single player. To continue your progress in the game you have to switch to multiplayer mode.
  8. Could you tell me how to complete the "Border" mission in "Normal" mode? To complete this mission you should get a helicopter of at least level 2 or 3. Also there's a hint: always attack ship on the move, don't stop while shooting, then collect more ammo and make another approach. Good luck.
  9. No problem picking up the scientists with my heli within the red hemisphere in SOS mission. But where is the "safe place" to debark them? The safe place is marked with green hemisphere and is situated near hangars.
  10. Does anybody have a hint how to avoid an incoming guided missile? There're hints of how to avoid g-missiles: 1. heat traps - tap on icon of approaching missile to throw heat traps; 2. fly straight at the incoming missile and strafe left or right at the last moment. In general, when you hear missile alert try to maneuver as hard as you can until alert stops (it means g-missile blew and stopped chasing). Also g-missiles don't "see" objects so they can't fly them round - try hiding behind big objects on the map like hangars, pipes, etc.
  11. I think it is too difficult to play these missions specially over normal levels. Try getting more powerful helicopters and upgrading them.
  12. How does rating system work? To get to the top of the list you have to kill as many opponents as you can. If you kill player who is closer to the top you get more rating points and move to the top faster. Always aim at killing the one at the top.
  13. Lags when cracks on the glass appear? Why? Because HD version is not intended to be ran on devices slower than iPad2. HD version is for iPhone 4S, iPad2 and new iPad only. Go for basic CHAOS version.
  14. How to get more gold ? If you want to buy premium helicopters, or buy special upgrades by gold, you have to buy one of different Gold packs. Just press the icon on the top-right icon. But there is a anti fraud system exists - the cracked devices, with Сydia on board - are unable to make a purchases.


iPod touch1g412 MHz128 mbPowerVR MBX Lite*
2g533 MHz128 mbPowerVR MBX Lite*
3g600 MHz256 mbPowerVR SGX 535CHAOS
4g800 MHz256 mbPowerVR SGX 535CHAOS
iPhone2g412 MHz128 mbPowerVR MBX Lite 3D (103 MHz)*
3g412 MHz128 mbPowerVR MBX Lite 3D (103 MHz)*
3gs600 MHz256 mbPowerVR SGX 535 (150 MHz)CHAOS
4800 MHz512 mbPowerVR SGX 535 (200 MHz)CHAOS
4s800 MHz dual512 mbPowerVR SGX 543MP2CHAOS HD
iPad11 GHz256 mbPowerVR SGX 535CHAOS
21 GHz dual512 mbPowerVR SGX 543MP2CHAOS HD