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CHAOS Tournament - this is your opportunity to go through the new military adventure in the sky, but in an even more rigorous and competitive environment. If you are an experienced pilot - test your fighting skills, fighting on the rigid rules of our tournaments with those who already have significant experience in the management of helicopter gunships. If you're new - prove that you are a rising star, or ... or fall from the sky. The motto of the CHAOS Tournament: In the sky, there will be only one!.

Who can participate

In tournaments, Regular class - any pilot who has registered a profile in the game. In tournaments, Elite class participation can take only a pilot with a rank not lower than the Colonel.

Fighters are piloting the machines available to them at the time of the tournament, or at the discretion of the organizers on the specific model of helicopter.


Regular tournaments (all 3 Leagues) are held once a day on Monday - Saturdays, beginning at: Europe - 16.00 (League 3), 18.00 (League 2), 20.00 (Liga1) GMT;

USA - 16.00 (League 3), 18.00 (League 2), 20.00 (Liga1) EST;

Elite tournaments are held once a week, on Sunday, beginning at:

Europe - 16.00 GMT

USA - 18.00 EST


Detailed schedule of the tournaments can be found on the website chaos-game.com – watch for updates of the schedule.



Registration interface is integrated into the MENU of CHAOS ARENA.

Registration begins 72 hour before the next tournament and ends 1 hour before the start of the tournament.

After registration, you are onboard.


Battle regulations

Tournament duration - depends on participants amount (minor time deviations due to technical reasons are possible).

The minimum number of participants per tournament - 16 people Maximum - infinity.

The tournament begins with qualifying rounds.  After two rounds of qualifications best scoring 16 pilots fall directly into the 1 \ 8 final.

In the first round participate 16 men, forming four gaming zones of 4 players each. In the ¼ final go 2 pilots with the highest score from each game zone.

As a result 8 pilots participate in ¼: two gaming zones with 4 participants in each.

In ½ go 2 best fighters from each gaming zone, in total - 4 pilots.

½ final is carried out on one gaming zone, with four pilot fighting.

The two pilots with the highest score go to the final.

In the final battle fight 2 people, the winner is ONE!


Virtual prizes

The 1st place player gets a bonus: 25% of total fee.

The 2d place player gets a bonus: 15% of total fee.

The 3rd place player gets a bonus: 10% of total fee.


Tangible awards

A list of tangible awards is specified every month. Follow the tournament schedule.


Additional features

All fights at all zones are video-logged. After the game the players can review any recorded fight or episode with any player. Use this opportunity to learn the tactics of the enemy and to prepare for the tournament.



Participants can be disqualified by the game administration

A. For incorrect and rude remarks towards the players or the administration

B. For any fact of cheating. Passive behaviour, attempts to avoid combat unreasonably long time and loss of communication simulation are equal to cheating.



Appeal against the tournament results or validity of disqualification is held through tech support of CHAOS. Cost of appeal - 10 gold. The administration of the game is obliged to take a decision on the appeal within 2 hours upon filing of the complaint. Subsequent decision of the game administration is final and not subject to further appeal


Tournament results

The results of each tournament are placed on the game site. There is a rating of the tournament. Rating - position relative to all the other participants on the number of on-line frags for all-time participation in the tournament, on all gaming zones and all stages.



To improve the quality of services provided, the game administration reserves the right at any time to revise prices, terms, schedule and the tournament regulations.


Staff of the development company, associated companies, their relatives, and other affiliates are not eligible to participate in the tournament.