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Helicopter simulator – the sky is closer with C.H.A.O.S.

The game offers a wide range of combat helicopters for piloting and combat employment in various combat conditions.

Helicopter is a unique aircraft able to take off and land vertically on unprepared ground, on decks of moving ships and even on roofs of buildings, hover at an altitude of 6000 meters and rapidly turn around in a horizontal plane, fly sideways and tail first.

Powerful modern weapon systems, high maneuverability, sturdy armor and effective means of attack make combat helicopters an effective and intelligent weapon, indispensable in any modern military conflict. Military helicopters are designed to perform different combat missions: fire support, assault, reconnaissance, transportation, rescue and many others. The availability and composition of helicopter fleet largely determines the level of equipment of the armed forces of any country.

Besides player's helicopter, the game includes a great number of other helicopters, sea and land military equipment controlled by a computer program (CP) or artificial intelligence (AI). They help to create a variety of combat situations. If the character created and controlled by the player successfully fulfills combat tasks, the rating of the player rises and he is promoted to the next rank.

The game can be played as a standalone (offline) as well as in a multiplayer-network mode (online).

The genre of the game is a mix of Arcade Simulator, Shooter and Role-playing (RPG). Arcade Simulator allows you to easily operate a helicopter following your intuition, to perform complicated maneuvers and to use various weapon systems.

Shooter allows you to use helicopter weapons observing the targets in first-person view (directly) (out of a helicopter cockpit) as well as from the sidelines.

RPG allows players to select different types of helicopters, configure them by increasing their combat capabilities, to accumulate experience for selected characters and earn game money.

According to its complexity and fascination altogether C.H.A.O.S falls into two categories: the category of casual games and simulator games simultaneously. It won't take you long to get to know the game and its thorough optimization (o. is a process, what you need is the result thereof: user-friendly interface or whatsoever, you are better at terms!) makes it possible to use it on a wide range of mobile devices and personal computers.