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Ka-62 is developed on the basis of Ka-60 army helicopter and is intended for carrying passengers and cargo in the transport cabin, and transportation of bulky cargo on external sling.

Ka-62 helicopter has single-rotor scheme with multi-blade tail rotor in the tail ring. The rotor blades and 60% of the airframe weight are made of polymeric composite materials. The airframe features perfect aerodynamic outlines, large transport-passenger cabin and retractable three-leg landing gear. The power plant of the helicopter is made of new-generation modular-design engines developed by Rybinsk Motor Design Bureau, headed by Mr. A. Novikov, Designer General. The civil derivative of the helicopter inherited from the basic army version its high cruise speed, fuel efficiency and transport capacity as well as large door openings of the transport cabin on both fuselage sides.

The helicopter can be used for comfortable passenger transportation, for internal and external cargo transportation, it can perform first aid medical operations, search-and-rescue operation, water boarders and economic zone boarders patrol, for servicing coastal gas and oil lines.

The Ka-62 helicopter is designed with account to the international flight safety requirements. OEI flight and landing are ensured. The safety of the pilot and passengers during rough landing is guaranteed by a set of measures, including the energy-absorbing and energy-attenuating design of the landing gear and seats. The tail rotor in the tail ring is protected against casual damages. The helicopter is equipped with efficient anti-icing and fire-fighting systems.

The Ka-62 is equipped with standard avionics suite of a basic transport version for VFR conditions, or a suite for IFR flying in any weather conditions, using the satellite navigational equipment. The export version of the helicopter is supplied with the engines and avionics of western companies at customer’s option.


Role      Medium multipurpose helicopter

Passengers        16

Crew, prs          1-2

Ceiling, m        5,500

Cruise speed, kmph      260

Max speed, kmph         300

Empty mass, kg            3,730

Maximum take-off mass, kg    6,250

Lenght, m         13.25

Main rotor diameter, m            13.5

Engines            2 RD-600 turbo-shafts, 955kW

Payload Capacity, kg  2,000-2,500