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Multi-purpose all-weather Ka-32S helicopter is equipped by additional integrated flight-navigation system, radar, equipment for instrumental ice patrol, emergency floatation system. It is used for transportation of bulky freights on the external sling and passengers and freight transportation in a cabin as well as for ice patrol; support of floating platforms and offshore oil-rigs; search and rescue operations (including those over the water); unloading of vessels. The navigation system provides a helicopter arriving to the destination area and point, automatic landing approach.

Four PRF-4 headlights and one FPP-7М headlight are mounted on the Ka-32S helicopter in addition to the main exterior lighting to carry out night flying ice patrol, search and rescue operations, hooking on the external sling of freight with its subsequent stacking. The manual RSP-45 signal floodlight is also used.

Means for lifting aboard and the additional lighting equipment are included in emergency equipment. Besides, rescue electric hoist with carrying capacity of 300 kg with a set of seats can be mounted on the helicopter.

Ka-32S Helicopter has floatation means which are kept in stowed position in containers on each side a fuselage. Before an emergency landing on water the air-bags are filled with air (no more than for 4 seconds). The air-bag capacity is 5.4 m3.


Flight performances


Length of fuselage, m 11.3

Width of fuselage, m  1.4

Height, m        5.4

Main wheel track, m   3.5

Diameter of rotor, m   15.9

Size of cabin (Length x Height x Width), m  4.52 x 1.32 x 1.30


Maximum take-off weight, kg            11000 / 12 600

Empty helicopter weight, kg   6 900

Maximum weight of freight, kg

in cabin, kg

 on the external load sling, kg

3 300

 5 000


Maximum limit speed, km/h   230

Cruiser speed, km/h    200

Maximum rate-of-climb, m/sec          16

Maximal ceiling, m     5000

Operating ceiling, m   3600

Flying range, km         800

Flight duration, h        4