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The highly manoeuvrable Apache AH-64D attack helicopter can be deoployed for a wide range of missions. It has advanced observation and navigation systems, making it extremely well suited for reconnaissance missions.

The various on-board weapon systems provide protection to ground troops or transport helicopters. This helicopter can also be deployed offensively against armoured vehicles, tanks or targets such as command positions and radar installations, artillery positions and guided-weapons launch sites. The Apache can carry out those missions during the day and night and in poor weather.




Number 29 helicopters

Length  15.47 m

Width  5.79 m

Height  3.92 m

Main rotor  4 blades, diameter 14.63 m, 292 rpm (revolutions per minute)

Tail rotor  4 blades, diameter 2.79 m, 1,417 rpm

Engines  2 x General Electric T700-GE-70IC

Power  continuous 1,685 hp per engine; maximum 1,765 hp (with 1 engine)

Weight  empty: 5,662 kg; maximum tactical weight 9,190 kg; maximum weight 10,433 kg

Speed  cruise speed 222 km/h; maximum 366 km/h |

Flight range  460-485 km or approx. 2.5 hours, depending on the mission; additional 330 km per extra fuel tank (maximum 4 extra tanks, but then it will not be carrying any weapon systems) or additional 165 km met Robinson internal tank

Registration numbers  Q-01 to Q-19 and Q-21 to Q-30 (the Q-20 was lost in an accident)

Manufacturer  Boeing Defense & Space Group Colour olive green

Armament  -  Hellfire antitank missiles (maximum 16);

                    - 2.75 inch missiles (maximum 76);

                    - 30 mm gun (maximum 1,200 rounds).